The Avenue Verte London - Paris®

470 km of cycling routes between Paris & London

Discover the Avenue Verte London-Paris® which is one of the great European cycle tourism routes. Whether you are leaving from Paris or London, there is a multitude of landscapes, cultures and encounters available to you.

The way is specially signposted for cyclists between the two great capitals, and you cross the Channel via the Transmanche Newhaven-Dieppe service, landing in Normandy. On the British side, the Avenue Verte London – Paris® makes use of the existing National Cycle Network of cycle routes. On the French side of the Avenue Verte London – Paris®, you make your way to the French capital via well-signposted small roads and greenways taking you across the French departments.

The Avenue Verte crosses the pays de Bray from north to south : from Forges-les-Eaux to Beauvais, you make your way via small roads and greenways. To find the way, follow the white and green sings. The red tracks mark sections that may be « shared lane »  with other vehicles.

More information: France Vélo Tourisme: All cycling routes in France

Itinerary Forges-les-Eaux - Saint-Germer-de-Fly